Universal Material Preparation and Distillation Pipeline

RapidPBR converts complex high-fidelity render models into universal-format assets with flattened PBR materials, for better interoperability between editing applications, and ready to compress for real-time AR/VR/web use.

This conversion allows your 3D model and materials to be universally compatible with Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Substance, or web based 3D viewers like Babylon and Three.js.

RapidPBR Closed Beta

RapidPBR currently supports 3ds Max and V-Ray; support for other DCCs and material systems is part of our roadmap.

RapidPBR is currently in closed beta testing; open beta is planned for Q3 2024. Please contact us to try it out.

Supported Software

  • 3dsMax 2023+
  • V-Ray 6+

Supported Input Geometry

3dsMax Geometry Surfaces

  • Editable Meshes, Polys, Patches, Shapes
  • VRayDisplacementMod
    • Displacement is baked into normal maps, or optionally baked to mesh. 

3dsMax Geometry Primitives

  • Standard Primitives
  • Extended Primitives
  • Patch Grid Primitives
  • Door Primitives
  • Windows Primitives
  • Dynamics Objects Primitives
  • Stairs Primitives
  • NURBS Surfaces

Unsupported Input Geometry

Unsupported Geometry objects are removed during RapidPBR scene preprocessing within the DCCs.

3dsMax Geometry Primitives

  • Particle System Primitives
  • AEC Extended Primitives
  • PointCloud Primitives
  • Compound Objects
  • Body Objects
  • Fluid Primitives

Chaos Scatter Geometry

  • All Chaos Scatter specific geometry is unsupported.

VRay Geometry

  • All VRay specific geometry is unsupported, such as VRayFur, VRayPlane, VRayClipper, VRayProxy...

Corona Geometry

  • All Corona specific geometry is unsupported.

Arnold Geometry

  • All Arnold specific geometry is unsupported.

Supported Input Materials:


  • VRayMtl: 
    • Diffuse Roughness: Unsupported, effect is view-dependent.
    • Thin-film, Clear Coat, Sheen, Anisotropy: Support to be developed.
    • SSS: Unsupported, support pending once respective Khronos' extensions are ratified.
  • VRayLightMtl
  • VRayWrapperMtl, VRayOverrideMtl: 
    • Replaced by Base material.
  • VRayBumpMtl

Experimentally Supported Input Materials:


  • VRayHairNextMtl: 
    • Very rough conversion to VRayMtl to preserve overall color.
  • VRay2SidedMtl: 
    • Partiallly supported.
  • VRayBlendMtl: 
    • Partially supported.
    • Additive displacement or shellac are currently not supported.
  • VRayFastSSS2: 
    • Partially supported.
    • SSS support pending Khronos' extension release.
    • Diffuse and Specular components are supported properly.

Standard 3dsMax Materials

  • Physical Material, Standard Material: 
    • Currently auto converted to VRayMtl
  • Blend
    • partially supported


Unsupported Input Materials:


  • VRayToonMtl 
  • VRayALSurfaceMtl: 
  • VRayCarPaintMtl, VRayCarPaintMtl2 
  • VRayFlakesMtl, VRayFlakesMtl2, VRayStochasticFlakesMtl 
  • VRayScatterVolumeMtl 
  • VRayVectorDisplBake 
  • VRayGLSLMtl, VRayMDLMtl, VRayOSLMtl 
  • VRayPointParticleMtl 
  • VRayPluginNodeMtl 
  • VRayVRMatMtl 
  • VRayScannedMtl 


  • All Corona-specific materials, such as CoronaPhysicalMtl, are temporary unsupported.

Standard 3dsMax Materials:

  • PBR and External Format Materials:
    • PBR Material (Metal/Rough)
    • PBR Material (Spec/Gloss)
    • GLTF Material
    • USD Preview Surface


  • All Arnold-specific materials, such as Standard Surface, are currently unsupported.


Supported Input Texmaps 

General 3dsMax Texmaps 
  • Non-procedural Texmaps  
    • Bitmap 
    • Color Correction 
    • ColorMap 
    • Composite 
    • Mix 
    • NormalBump 
    • Output 
    • RGB Multiply 
    Procedural Texmaps  
    • Advanced Wood 
    • Cellular 
    • Checker 
    • Dent 
    • Gradient 
    • Gradient Ramp 
    • Marble 
    • Noise 
    • Perlin Marble 
    • Smoke 
    • Speckle 
    • Splat 
    • Stucco 
    • VertexColor 
    • Waves 

      VRay Texmaps 

    • Non-procedural Texmaps 

      • VRayBitmap 

      • VRayColor 

      • VRayCompTex 

      • VRayNormalMap, VRayColor2Bump, VRayBump2Normal 

    • Procedural Texmaps 
      • VRayDirt 
      • VRayCurvature 
      • VRayDistanceTex 
      • VRayEdgeTex 
      • VRayMultiSubTex 
      • VRayNoiseTex 
      • VRayUVWRandomizer 

Unsupported Texmaps

Unsupported texmaps are removed, skipped or converted during RapidPBR scene preprocessing.
  • General 3dsMax Texmaps

    • Falloff 
  • VRay Texmaps

    • VRayHairInfoTex 

Unverified Input Texmaps

If an unverified texmap is found, it forces the Material to be baked as a fallback.

General 3dsMax Texmaps

  • BlendedBoxMap 
  • Camera Map Per Pixel 
  • Map Output Selector 
  • Mask 
  • OSL Map 
  • MultiTile 
  • Particle Age 
  • Raytrace 
  • ShapeMap 
  • Substance 
  • TextMap 
  • TextureObjectMask 
  • VectorDisplacement 
  • Vector Map 
  • RGB Tint   
  • Swirl 
  • Tiles 

OSL 3dsMax Texmaps

  • All OSL 3dsMax texmaps are considered unverified at this time.

VRay Texmaps

  • VRayLut
  • VRayGLSLTex
  • VRayOCIO
  • VRayOSLTex
  • VRayOSLOutputSelector
  • VRayParticleTex
  • VRayPtex
  • VRaySky
  • VRaySamplerInfoTex
  • VRayPluginNodeTex
  • VRayPointCloudColor
  • VRaySoftBox
  • VRayTriplanarTex
  • VRayUserColor
  • VRayUserScalar

Arnold 3dsMax Texmaps

  • All Arnold 3dsMax texmaps are considered unverified at this time.


  • Unsupported Modifiers

    3dsMax Modifiers

    • Hair & Fur
      • Temporarily unsupported (conversion to mesh data)
    • Camera Map Modifier, Camera Map Modifier (WSM)
    • Free-Form Deformation (FFD) Modifiers 
      • FFD 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4
      • FFD box, cyl
    • Morpher
    • PathDeform, PatchDeform, PathDeform (WSM), PatchDeform (WSM)
    • Point Cache, Point Cache (WSM)
    • Physique
    • Skin Modifiers: 
      • Skin, Skin Wrap, Skin Morph, Skin Morph Patch
    • Particle Modifiers: 
      • Particle Skinner, PFlow Collision, Particle Face Creator, PFlow Collision (WSM)
  • VRay Modifiers

    • VRayHairFarmMod 
  • Arnold Modifiers

    • All Arnold specific modifiers are unsupported at this time.
  • Corona Modifiers

    • All Corona specific modifiers are unsupported at this time.


Supported Khronos glTF Extensions


  • Current translation uses emissiveStrength as equivalent to selfIlluminationMultiplier parameter.


  • Known Issue: The glTF extension supports only a single value of IOR for both specular and transmissive effects, limiting translation possibilities for input materials with multiple IOR values. 





Planned future support

In order to provide translations to a broader variety of material properties, we intend to support the extensions listed below.

Ratified extensions (Khronos)

  • KHR_materials_clearcoat
  • KHR_materials_iridescence
  • KHR_materials_sheen
  • KHR_materials_anisotropy

In development (Khronos)

Unsupported glTF Extensions 

Ratified extensions (Khronos) 

  • KHR_lights_punctual 

  • KHR_materials_unlit 

  • KHR_materials_variants 


Unsupported glTF Features (ignored during conversion)

  • Vertex color 
  • Animation 
  • Cameras 
  • Lights 

VRay glTF Offline Rendering 

Known Issues 

  • When rendering glTF materials with VRay within 3dsMax, the SpecularTexture seems to have no effect. A workaround has been implemented. 
  • VRay renderings of glTF materials when using the Volumetric and Transmissive extensions might have color issues. 
  • VRay renderings of glTF materials with emission might have issues. 
  • Material Editor previews of glTF materials generated by VRay have artifacts when using normal maps. 
  • Some Camera settings from the input scenes might not be supported.